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Welcome to the
Planet of Five Oceans

Five Oceans is more than a brand and a product.
Five Oceans is a new technology with the potential to improve the water footprint from our everyday lives.

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Professional Level Shine, the Ocean-Friendly Way

Our unique dish washing formula made from natural sugars and high-grade oats will leave your dishes sparkling clean and your skin feeling great.

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A Brilliantly Clean Home with a Reduced Water Footprint

We have invented a new way of cleaning. It is as good to the planet as it is to your home. With minimum impact on our oceans and maximum effect on dirt, our products won’t let you, or the environment, down.

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A Sustainable Hand Wash, for Living Oceans

We have developed our products to be as kind as possible to your skin and the oceans. All vegan and made from sustainable and renewable ingredients, the unique formula will gently cleanse and hydrate your skin, while caring for the oceans.

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For the Love of the Oceans

Explore a groundbreaking line of cleaning and washing products based on locally grown, natural, and biodegradable ingredients.

How We Support
the Oceans

To protect the oceans – the world’s largest ecosystem – is Five Oceans’ mission and our reason for being. Therefore, it is important for us to give back to a project that protects our oceans, seas, and waterways for coming generations. We have chosen to support Naturskyddsföreningen’s work for healthier and living oceans and waterways. 5% of all our sales at our own website goes to their work for the oceans. Click below to read more about Naturskyddsföreningen's water saving projects.

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Oatium XR – a Patent for
Superior Garment care

Five Ocean's detergents and garment care products contain beta-glucan from locally and organically grown oats. We call this invention Oatium XR® – a patented molecule that conditions textile fibers and reinforces the fiber structure for a softer texture and feel.

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A Sugar-Based Surfactant
with Astonishing Potential

The super-efficient cleaning power of Five Oceans comes from a natural, sugar-based surfactant that is biodegradable and has extremely low water toxicity. The unique technology is amazingly effective in relation to its impact on the environment.

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