Garment Care

Discover our garment care products that save both your clothes and our oceans. Take the opportunity to buy a thoughtful gift or for yourself.

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Effective cleaning & washing with reduced water footprint

Explore a new groundbreaking range of cleaning and washing products based on locally farmed, natural and biodegradable ingredients with minimal impact on the aquatic ecosystems and organisms.

5% to the Oceans

To protect the oceans – the world’s largest ecosystem – is Five Oceans’ mission and our reason for being. Therefore, it is important for us to give back to a project that protects our oceans, seas, and waterways for coming generations. We have chosen to support Naturskyddsföreningen’s work for healthier and living oceans and waterways. 5% of all our sales at our own website goes to their work for the oceans.

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Oatium XR – a Patent for Superior Garment care

Five Ocean's detergents and garment care products contain beta-glucan from locally and organically grown oats. We call this invention Oatium XR® – a patented molecule that conditions textile fibers and reinforces the fiber structure for a softer texture and feel.

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A Sugar-Based Surfactant with Astonishing Potential

The super-efficient cleaning power of Five Oceans comes from a natural, sugar-based surfactant that is biodegradable and has extremely low water toxicity. The unique technology is amazingly effective in relation to its impact on the environment.

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