Fine Wash Travel Size

Fine Wash Travel Size

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Wash wool, silk, mohair, cashmere, and viscose with our super-gentle Fine Wash. Natural oats reinforce and condition the fiber structure for a softer texture and feel. Delicately fragranced with notes of citrus, lavender, pine and cedarwood.

Contains no added preservatives than can cause skin irritation Ideal both for machine wash and hand wash.

All our bottles are made of 100% recycled plastics and the formula is 100% vegan.

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Use when washing delicate textiles such as wool, silk, mohair, cashmere and viscose. Dose according to the instructions on the bottle, based on the hardness of the water and the amount laundry. Pour the detergent into the liquid detergent or use a dosage ball.

100 ml

Our green patent, OATIUM XR™ reinforces fabric at fiber level to protect clothes from damage. Conditions fiber structure for a softer texture and feel, no need to use softner. Keeps microfibers in place and prevents microfibers from escaping into the oceans., Minimal aquatic toxicity compared to similar products., and Sustainable, renewable, biodegradable ingredients.

Contains: Soap 15-30%, Nonionic surfactants 5-15%, Perfume <5%.