Fabric Freshener Travel Size

Fabric Freshener Travel Size

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A freshly scented, biodegradable fabric freshener for clothes, shoes and all types of textiles. The natural formula keeps garments fresh between washes and prevents bad odors. So much more than “just” a scented linen water.

Scents of green and floral notes, sandalwood and patchouli that gives a sense of fresh air and newly washed laundry.

  • Antibacterial formula: direct and long-lasting odor-controlling effect on clothing, shoes, sportswear etc.
  • Our bio-based fabric guard helps protect against staining. Spills and stains can easily be wiped off from clothes, furnitures and other textiles.
  • Conditions, protects and reinforces textiles.
  • Comfortable and soft feel on skin. Skin close pH.
  • High concentration of Oatium XRTM.

All our bottles are made of 100% recycled plastics and the formula is 100% vegan.

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Spray 3-4 times on your clothes, furniture or shoes to freshen up between washes.

100 ml

Our green patent, OATIUM XR™ reinforces fabric at fiber level to protect clothes from damage. Conditions fiber structure for a softer texture and feel, no need to use softner. Keeps microfibers in place and prevents microfibers from escaping into the oceans. and Sustainable, renewable, biodegradable ingredients.

Contains: Nonionic surfactants <5%, preservative potassium sorbate, perfume, fatty acids, C10-C12, esters with polylactic acid, sodiom salts.