We Care for the Aquatic Ecosystems

Five Oceans - A Swedish Innovation in Environmental Technology

Five Oceans is more than just a product and a brand. Five Oceans is a completely new green technology, developed to produce washing- and cleaning products that are as efficient as the market leaders’ - but with significantly less impact on the waterways, oceans and marine ecosystems.

When green tech innovator Torsten Hedbom began working on the Five Oceans project he had one sole purpose in mind: creating a cleaning technology as efficient as the market leaders’, but with minimal impact on the oceans and aquatic organisms. Thousands of lab hours later Torsten and his team finally arrived at the finish line. 

The result was a ground breaking range of cleaning products based on locally grown, natural, and biodegradable ingredients – a new brand with the potential to improve the water footprint from our everyday life.

The cleaning power comes from all-natural, sugar-based surfactants. The garment caring properties are provided by Oatium XR®, our own patented beta-glucan from locally farmed oats. 

Welcome to the planet of Five Oceans – a high performance home care concept that derives nature to cure nature - creating a sustainable product line with cradle to grave ambition. 


Swedish Green Tech From Dalarna

The Five Oceans brand is owned by the Swedish cosmetics group Svenska Krämfabriken. All products are locally produced and developed in the company's own facilities in the town of Borlänge, according to the in-depth sustainability policy "The Green Pledge"*, which includes minimizing water and energy consumption, green transports, and sustainable packaging choices.

Five Oceans comes in recyclable bottles that are made from 100% recycled plastic. The products are completely vegan and contain no animal ingredients.

The architect behind Five Ocean's green technology is Torsten Hedbom. With over 40 years of industry experience from cleaning product development, he is one of Sweden’s leading profiles within green product engineering. 

*The Green Pledge® is Svenska Krämfabriken’s sustainability program, covering 12 key areas of our continuous effort to minimize our environmental impact and guarantee sustainable practices in all parts of our business. The objective is far-reaching self-regulation – going above and beyond government regulations, ISO standards and expectations.
More information: www.kramfabriken.com/thegreenpledge