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A Sugar-Based Surfactant With Astonishing Potential

The super-efficient cleaning power of Five Oceans comes from a natural, sugar-based surfactant that is biodegradable and has extremely low water toxicity. The unique technology is amazingly effective in relation to its impact on the environment.

A common way to measure the environmental impact of cleaning products is to calculate how much clean water is required to neutralize the effect of the substances discharged into the oceans and waterways.

Five Ocean's products require between 90 and 97 percent less water to neutralize the products' impact on the aquatic environment. This means that Five Ocean's products are up to 30 times friendlier to our oceans and waterways than similar products with comparable performance.  

Oatium XR® - A Green Patent for Superior Garment Care

Five Ocean's detergents and garment care products contain beta-glucan from locally and organically grown oats. We call this invention Oatium XR®. The patented molecule conditions textile fibers and reinforces the fiber structure for a softer texture and feel. At the same time it protects garments from damage. Oatium XR® also shortens the drying time and helps bind the microfibers in the fabric to prevent them from escaping into the wastewater.

Save Your Hands (SYH)

Our one of a kind SYH-technology lets you do your dishes without experiencing dryness and redness afterwards.

SYH Features:

– Exceptionally skin-friendly surfactants that protect and restore hand’s skin barrier.
– Anti-irritant high grade oats that soften and soothe skin (all our oats are locally grown).
– Skin close pH-value.